Our Services

Risk is always evolving due to ongoing changes in coverage forms and the legal climate in which we operate. We believe the ability to deliver timely, cost effective service is a benchmark to which all other agents and brokers should be compared.

Whether the need is to manage a uniform program throughout an organization or the need to deliver a solution specific to a location, region or state, we´re able to deliver the customized service needed to directly impact your bottom line.

Please explore a sampling of the services we provide:

Claim Advocacy

The lowest premium and best coverage means nothing to a policyholder without superior claims resolution. Our Claims Service Department assists our clients throughout the claims submission process. As your partner, we´ll help you evaluate any disputed payment and work with you to achieve a prompt and equitable settlement.

Claims Analysis & Review

Controlling the frequency and severity of claims begins with an overall analysis of your claims history, identifying opportunities to mitigate losses. Further, we identify outstanding claim reserve activity and work with carriers to expedite the resolution of those issues.

Customized Client Portal

With both time and resources at a precious premium, it´s become increasingly time intensive to manage and stay informed on various developments and trends within your company that affect your insurance costs. Our groundbreaking technology directly responds to this challenge.

This online tool acts as a springboard from which you can better gather and organize information, managing the everyday tasks that revolve around risk management.

This tool is as flexible and unique as each client partner.

Disaster Recovery Guidance

Our tools help to indentify the key areas in your business that need to operate and help build a response that will help minimize an interruption of your operations. Together, with a well designed insurance program, these actions will minimize your downtime and help you maximize the stability of your market share.

Employer Safety Audits

Our Risk Control Consultants help identify potentials for loss within your workforce. Through a comprehensive analysis and site evaluation, we quantify potential areas that could lead to a serious injury - and we recommend how to mitigate that risk.

Experience Modification Forecasting & Analysis

By a thorough evaluation of your experience modification, we help identify the key factors that are affecting your Workers´ Compensation losses. We have the ability to identify dollar loss goals to help you achieve the best mod value available.

OSHA Program & Site Evaluations

Our Risk Control Consultants can provide a thorough evaluation of your written OSHA programs and conduct OSHA focused site evaluations to identify potential deficiencies that may result in unwanted citations. We can also assist with program and compliance improvement initiatives.

OSHA Regulatory Compliance Assistance

OSHA´s regulations are constantly changing as are the interpretations Compliance Officers utilize during inspections. We can help you understand these complex regulations and can provide you with assistance in developing programs and activities that meet OSHA requirements.

OSHA Reporting Capabilities

By streamlining the reporting process, our client partners are able to remain informed about the current loss activity within their company, while maintaining their OSHA reporting compliance across multiple locations. Custom reports generated through our Client Portal give on-demand detail surrounding the root causes of those losses, enabling our Risk Control Department to craft meaningful safety programs that distribute relevant risk management recommendations that respond to workforce characteristics at that time.

Risk Management Action Plans

Through the exposure identification process, we help craft risk-averse strategies to both periodic and daily functions within your organization. These plans are seamlessly integrated into operations being mindful of each client´s risk profile and tolerance levels.

Safety Committee Training

An effective Safety Committee brings employees and employers together in a non-adversarial setting, and is vital to addressing the needs and concerns that affect a workforce on a daily basis. Our Risk Control Department provides the guidance needed to meet Labor & Industry´s standards for a Pennsylvania Safety Committee credit.

Often times through these meetings, special project work is identified to help our partners better understand the risks posed by activities that are conducted within the partner´s organization.

Safety Program Review & Development

Safety Policies evolve as new technology and work flow systems are put in place to meet today´s complex business challenges. Our Risk Control Department helps to review current Safety Programs and their implementations, and recommends updates to these programs where appropriate.